BRC Insurance

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the BRC insurance cover that members have when they pay membership to join Gorley Vale Riding Club. For clarification please see the question and answer taken from the BRC’s Data Sheet 5.

Q: What cover do Members receive?

A: Club members will be insured whilst taking part in activities organised by their own affiliated Riding Club, another BHS-affiliated Riding Club or BRC HQ. The policy extends to cover the liability of one member to another. The limit of Indemnity is £30,000,000 in respect of any one claim for public liability. Public liability covers claims for third party property damage or bodily injury where the Riding Club are found legally liable. Legal liability must be established in order for a claim to be successful. It is also highly advisable for members to have their own private insurance for things like personal injury. Companies such as SEIB and NFU offer such policies.

Please note: Travel to and from activities is excluded. Members are not insured outside affiliated Riding Clubs activities e.g. hacking out independently.

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If you require more information regarding BRC rules please contact the club secretary, Cherie Lane here.